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Do you value the DF2S newsletter or the bi-annual, system-wide taste test featuring a vegetable grown in school gardens? 

Did you know that we

  • donate a garden-related book to all of the elementary school libraries each year?
  • host three summer internships for Decatur High School students?
  • conduct teacher training workshops?
  • and support changes in the school cafeterias? 

As part of the Wylde Center, WC staff deliver garden-related programming to schools on a weekly basis.  Our program is comprehensive and seen as a leader across the state.

Decatur Farm to School is participating in the Win-Win Program in partnership with the Decatur Education Foundation. 

We are looking for adults and children who would like to run/walk on behalf of the Decatur Farm to School program:

  • 50% of funds raised will go to Decatur Farm to School
  • 50% to the Decatur Education Foundation.

There are two ways you can support this fundraiser:
1. Support a child who is already signed up for the Farm to School - A Wylde Center Program Team

2. Create a personal page for you or your child and add it to the Farm to School Fundraising Team.
a. If you haven't already registered for the race, do that here TourDecatur.com.
b. To set up your fundraising page,  click on Join Now.
c. Create your account.
d. Choose your team: Scroll for Farm to School - A Wylde Center Program
e. Personalize your page and send forward to friends and family.

On behalf of Decatur Farm to School and the Wylde Center, thank you!

Who are we?

The Decatur Farm to School Initiative is a grassroots effort led by parents, teachers, school administrators, community members and organizations.  Farm to School programs connect schools with local farms with the objectives of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing health and nutrition education opportunities that will last a lifetime, and supporting local farmers. The Initiative team was given an initial approval to explore the program’s potential by the City Schools of Decatur (CSD) Board in April 2009.

The Decatur Farm to School Initiative has subsequently held a town-hall meeting in May 2009 and established a set of committees to provide recommendations on a comprehensive initiative plan.  The Steering Committee developed the Initiative Logic Model and compiled the Initiative Plan, both of which will be presented to the CSD Board in November 2009.  Initial plans for the Farm to School Program include...

Why Farm to School?

Farm to School is a natural response to growing concerns over childhood obesity, the viability of the American family farm, and the environmental impact of our consumption patterns.  Farm to School connects these concerns with a solution that can have benefits for students, farmers, schools, and communities.

Farm to School programs are not only about sourcing locally, but also about sourcing fresh and nutritious foods, providing educational opportunities for students about food choices and about where their food comes from, and helping to reinvigorate local economies.


Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To integrate Farm to School concepts into current City Schools of Decatur curricula, partner with local farmers to supply fresh produce to schools, and support a sustainable, local food system.

Vision: A community-driven, sustainable school food system that provides fresh, local foods in schools, teaches children the skills and knowledge essential to food production, preparation, nutrition, and enjoyment, supports the local economy, and preserves natural resources.